Do I Need a Website?

Do I Need a Website?

Can my small business get by with just a free tool like for example Facebook or Google My Business etc in today’s digital landscape? Or a website is necessary?

The answer to this question depends on several factors, as it is generally recommended to have a dedicated website, here’s why:

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Online customer behaviour in 2023?

81% of shoppers choose to research a business online before making a purchase according to google research.

Online Presence and Branding

Having a website allows you to establish a professional online presence and build your brand. It gives you control over the design, content, and overall user experience, allowing you to create a cohesive brand identity.
Without a website, potential customers will be unable to find you in their searches.

Consumers Expect Small Businesses to Have Their Own Website

A website provides opportunities for customer engagement and conversion. You can offer valuable content, capture leads through forms or newsletter sign-ups, and provide a platform for customers to interact with your business. This can lead to increased conversions and long-term customer relationships.

Increased Visibility

While Google My Business or social media can help you appear in local search results and on Google Maps, a website can enhance your visibility further. With a website, you can optimize it for search engines, target specific keywords, and reach a wider audience beyond your local area.

Data and Analytics

Websites offer valuable insights into your audience and their behavior. Through web analytics tools, you can track website traffic, understand visitor demographics, measure conversions, and gain insights to improve your marketing strategies.

Flexibility and Control

Unlike Google My Business, a website gives you complete control over your content, layout, and functionality. You can customize it to meet your specific business needs and integrate features such as e-commerce, appointment scheduling, or a blog. This flexibility allows you to provide a tailored experience for your customers.